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CN-103347490-A: 包括聚丙烯酸酯增稠剂和聚丙烯酰胺增稠剂的组合物的化妆防晒制剂或皮肤科防晒制剂 patent, CN-103361285-A: 一种詹氏丙酸杆菌及其应用 patent, CN-103379897-A: Nonaqueous transparent oil-based composition patent, CN-103395855-A: Monitoring device for sewage treatment patent, CN-103463296-A: 一种抗皮肤衰老的药物 patent, CN-103484223-A: 气相防锈油及其制备方法 patent, CN-103495416-A: Carbon-material supported catalyst for acetylene hydrochlorinate reaction patent, CN-103533939-A: 多发性骨髓瘤治疗 patent, CN-103553890-A: Synthesis method of 4-chloro-2-butanone patent, CN-103562322-A: 有机硅橡胶系固化性组合物、有机硅橡胶的制造方法、有机硅橡胶、成型体以及医疗用管 patent, CN-103593189-A: Method for implementing user mode drive program in embedded Linux patent, CN-103597031-A: Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition for container for housing/transporting thin film patent, CN-103613390-A: Method for manufacturing hollow ceramic product patent, CN-103626083-A: 一种吊装设备 patent, CN-103666381-A: Phase-change energy-storage material patent, CN-103679567-A: Plug and play system of smart power grids and implementation method thereof patent, CN-103690532-A: 阿托伐他汀在制备用于治疗肺动脉高压的药物中的作用 patent, CN-103725377-A: 不锈钢材料冷锻造的润滑剂 patent, CN-103748252-A: Coated plated steel material patent, CN-103793496-A: 一种瓦片图的处理方法及系统 patent, CN-103795782-A: Cross server method and system of network game patent, CN-103805536-A: Potassium bacterium paenibacillus sp. G4 and application thereof in promoting plant growth patent, CN-103853744-A: 一种面向用户生成内容的欺骗性垃圾意见检测方法 patent, CN-103897213-A: 一种带有预处理方式的碳纤维增强树脂基复合材料回收方法 patent, CN-103926384-A: Model test pressure stabilization water feeding system and operation method thereof patent, CN-103938438-A: Osmotic agent used for fabric and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103939152-A: Biomass power generation double-turbine power device patent, CN-103964397-A: Cooling separating device patent, CN-104077680-A: 一种用于电商平台的合同管理系统 patent, CN-104094295-A: Methods and apparatus for spiking neural computation patent, CN-104127758-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal composition having spleen invigorating and stomach nourishing efficacies, and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-104130145-A: Vegetable-oil-based triamine and synthesis method thereof patent, CN-104140120-A: 一种利用气固法制备氢氧化铝的方法 patent, CN-104171155-A: Preparation method of oolong tea drink patent, CN-104173409-A: Traditional Chinese medicine detoxification pill for treating pituitary adenoma and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104231554-A: Durable nylon zipper patent, CN-104242974-A: Antenna transmit-receive system and wireless communication device having same patent, CN-104247350-A: Implementing a transition protocol in which a first rule set for routing packets received by a group of switches during a first time period is updated to a second rule set patent, CN-104267370-A: 单三相电能表挂表座兼容挂表解决方法 patent, CN-104330466-A: Anti-settling magnetic suspension liquid supply device patent, CN-104348030-A: 线对板连接器组合 patent, CN-104386655-A: 一种模拟酶材料及其制备和应用 patent, CN-104397168-A: Hair nourishing, inflammation diminishing, lung clearing, shaddock fragrance and bitter gourd yogurt and production method thereof patent, CN-104404162-A: 采用引物关联通用探针检测多重基因或不同靶标的实时荧光pcr方法 patent, CN-104446523-A: 一种耐火原料组合物及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-104478946-A: Method for oriented synthesis of three-dimensional metal organic framework microporous materials by solvent control method patent, CN-104559228-A: Preparation method of graphene oxide reinforced leather solid waste collagen powder/polylactic acid composite patent, CN-104585776-A: 一种补血养气粥及其制作方法 patent, CN-104628417-A: Method for preparing clay brick by using waste polystyrene foams patent, CN-104645062-A: 治疗牙痛的中药组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-104719477-A: 一种菠萝奶昔及其制作方法 patent, CN-104725625-A: Polyester having moisture absorption, fire retardation and ultraviolet resistance composite function patent, CN-104733176-A: Method for winding secondary winding of parallel damping arc suppression coil patent, CN-104766153-A: 农业物联网平台架构 patent, CN-104809522-A: 一种综合能源预测方法 patent, CN-104837948-A: Heat activated pressure sensitive adhesive patent, CN-104845499-A: Preparation method for waterborne epoxy paste paint patent, CN-104872173-A: 一种4-对苯氧基苯氧基甲基结构的1,3-二氧戊环类化合物与有机磷杀虫组合物 patent, CN-104893851-A: 一种家用保健型洗洁精及其制备方法 patent, CN-104894320-A: Gas channel of hot-blast stove patent, CN-104896041-A: 自动变速器 patent, CN-104995516-A: 用于补体因子h相关蛋白质1检测的试剂、试剂盒和方法 patent, CN-105037876-A: Polyethylene heat sealing film slippery master batch for solvent-free compounding patent, CN-105052288-A: 一种草原区放牧退化羊草草原深松土的改良方法 patent, CN-105120846-A: 抗篡改的药物制剂 patent, CN-105139949-A: 一种防火防水感温电缆及其制造方法 patent, CN-105160366-A: 一种对象标识方法 patent, CN-105206823-A: 一种锂离子电池正极材料的制备方法 patent, CN-105246322-A: Dynamic light recipe for horticulture patent, CN-105271232-A: AlC的方法 patent, CN-105403626-A: 一种具有新型永磁装置的电磁超声换能器 patent, CN-105499313-A: 一种矫平机 patent, CN-105509530-A: Heat exchange tube for ethylene cracking furnace patent, CN-105513380-A: Eadp控制器的离线训练方法和系统及其在线控制方法和系统 patent, CN-105543204-A: 一种组合物及其应用、含有该组合物的稳定剂 patent, CN-105557701-A: 一种活性成分组合物 patent, CN-105968346-A: 一种聚酰胺树脂、含有该树脂的组合物及制备方法 patent, GB-2000480-A: Carrier for winter sports equipment on motor car roofs patent, GB-2120471-A: Power control for appliance using resistive heating elements patent, GB-2121507-A: Devices for converting rotary movement into linear movement patent, GB-2123680-A: Screw-topped jar holder patent, GB-2126236-A: Production of antibodies patent, GB-2127669-A: Improvements relating to smoking article filters patent, GB-2131073-A: Revolving doors patent, GB-2135223-A: Expanding tubes in tube plates patent, GB-2140524-A: A clutch release bearing assembly patent, GB-2145567-A: Bimetallic element for temperature sensitive switch patent, GB-2146527-A: Use of benzothiophene derivatives as antiasthmatic agents patent, GB-2147241-A: Tools for connecting wires patent, GB-2147435-A: Control apparatus for cutting in and out an exhaust-driven turbocharger patent, GB-2151135-A: Umbrella rib linkage system patent, GB-2158120-A: Expansion joint seal for bridges or similar structures patent, GB-2173125-A: Overpressured thin layer chromatography patent, GB-2181448-A: Improvements in coal cleaning patent, GB-2182276-A: Explosive bonding patent, GB-2185079-A: Disc brake patent, GB-2186451-A: Start-up circuit patent, GB-2188070-A: Thread pull-out mechanism for sewing machine patent, GB-2188804-A: Frequency synthesiser patent, GB-2190663-A: A removable retaining device for a container lid patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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